2020: An Illustrator Odyssey

The Adobe Creative Community tested me on the brand new Adobe Illustrator on iPad, a super-milestone for Adobe’s digital tools and creatives. My commission objective was to design a teaser for Illustrator on iPad and its upcoming release.

It’s always hard to illustrate concepts starting from a blank artboard, but it’s my daily challenge. I’m not used to sketch too much since I started my career with digital images. I usually think the concepts in my mind and then I start using my fingers, with trackpad and keyboard, letting my memory to flow on the white artboard of Illustrator. The more I go further the more my idea gets its final shape.

For this commission I thought of a composition of monkey characters, hanging on jungle ropes while they’re “playing” with an iPad and the Illustrator logo. I would like to create a composition similar to a teaser, where the Ai icon stands out as the new creative tool of the year, the new milestone for designers, the evolution factor of creativity.

(The artwork has been designed 100% on iPad Pro)

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