Hello! My name is Francesco

Italian Illustrator, Designer and Artist based in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


I started working freelance in 2007 as graphic designer with small associations and clients in Milan, during university at Politecnico di Milano. I graduated in 2008 with a BSc. degree in Industrial Design and later in 2012 with a MSc. degree in Communication Design, officially starting my illustrator career. After many years spent in Milan, in 2016 I moved to Gran Canaria to start up my design studio, keep working worldwide as freelance designer and illustrator.


My art is digital. My style is mainly geometric and abstract. I try to give a charming three-dimensional touch to all my works, using only vectors, color gradients and a clear and simple composition, highlighting subjects with ethereal lights and shadows, giving value to geometry as foundation of the reality. I don’t use mouse or any raster effects. It’s just me, my fingers, a keyboard and a trackpad.


I’ve used many other nicknames and monikers for my creative projects. I’m Red, Sūn Wùkōng, ShōRed Sūn Shō, Zero C, Acreativeplace, FFvectorartist.


Languages, Cultures, History, Creativity, Yoga, Freestyle Skating, Music, Videogames, Tarots, Esotericism.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Audition, Autodesk Sketchbook, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Elementor, Canva, Marvel, Live Ableton, SketchUp, Shapr3d, Minecraft, Figma, Meta Spark Studio

Adobe / Abc / Telecom / Neos Air / Ascopiave / Golder / Spring Hotels / Confindustria Trento / Rocketpanda / Inter FC / Wired / World Anti-Doping Agency / International Olympic Committee / Subito.it / Saeco / Mtalk / Weber Shandwick / Ron Arehucas / Universidad Politecnica de Madrid / EFPA Italia / Playdots / SignaLabs / The Milaneser


Ogilvy Italia / CBA Italia / Leftloft / Graffiti / Sugosugo Studio / Isleta Design Studio / La Escalera de Fumio / JTA Design / Snefokk / Sono / The Nursery / Visible Comunicación / Writeless