Savoia S.21 & S.21F

Vector replicas of the Savoia S.21 and Savoia S.21F seaplanes, inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s 1992 anime “Porco Rosso” (Kurenai no buta).

Savoia S.21 is the fictional prototype seaplane used by Marco, aka Porco Rosso.
This seaplane was named after SIAI S.21, an Italian racing flying boat built by SIAI for the 1921 Schneider Trophy race.

However, it does not closely resemble the real S.21, as it was modeled after another Italian seaplane, the Macchi M.33, with which it has in common the retracted cockpit and a single pair of wings.
Savoia S.21F is the fictional prototype seaplane tuned by Fio Piccolo, a talented young girl and the granddaughter of Marco’s favorite mechanic. She persuades Marco to help him overhaul his Savoia S.21 after it was destroyed in an air battle with Donald Curtis.
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